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Cornflower Blue Studio is a blog about creating a fresh, simple, beautiful life filled with special details. My goal is help readers add fullness and joy to their everyday activities through DIY projects, craft skills, healthy recipes, and lovely photos. I believe that everyone should love their home, practice creativity, and feel inspired.

Your ad will be featured in the right hand sidebar and will be 230 x 230 pixels square. The add will run for 30 days and can start whenever you like - I can put it up ASAP or we can schedule a future date. Ads are rotated periodically so that everyone gets maximum exposure.

If you need assistance designing an ad, just drop me a line at and I can assist you!

Here are a few stats about the Cornflower Blue Studio blog:

In December 2012 the blog had 95,162 page views.

In the month of December 2012 the blog averaged 3,069 pageviews per day.

Cornflower Blue Studio has 1,100 GFC followers.

I am also active on
Pinterest (2,500+ followers)
Twitter (260+ followers)
Facebook (700+ followers)

My work (with blog links) has been featured in Wedding Nouveau magazine, Crochet Today magazine, the Frankie Magazine website, the Make magazine website, and the StyleList page of the Huffington Post.

You can also increase your advertising exposure by adding a giveaway to the blog during the month your ad is running OR by sending an item you'd like me to include in a post. I'm happy to include items in blog posts (such as outfit posts or decorating posts) that fit my personal style and that of my readers.

**I will contact you after your purchase with the email connected to your PayPal account. If you'd like me to a different contact email please let me know.**

**If you have any questions please email me at I would love to hear from you!**