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Custom Order Requests

                          fiber art in progress!

I am happy to work with customers who have custom requests.  Perhaps you would like an embroidered note with a personalized message, a set of notes for a bridal party, or a soft sculpture created to compliment your decor?  Just drop me a line at or click on the "Contact" link in the sidebar.

I'm very friendly, so don't be shy!  I will work with you to create a piece you will love.

For custom embroidered notes I create a sketch of the design for approval, then set up a reserved listing for you to purchase.

If you are looking for a custom soft sculpture I will do my best to fit your color and size requests, as well as your budget.  I require a deposit on pieces over $100, with the balance due before shipping.  Photos of the yarn and work-in-progress are provided, as well as a photo of the finished piece before shipping.